Since a lot of DT Property Management clients use EBM for their landlord insurance, they were kind enough to contribute some of their knowledge. Landlord insurance is a must these days, but you should also review the cover available, the excess payable and the claims speed / procedure. As a property manager, I’m also authorised to submit claims on my clients behalf, allowing them a completely hands off experience.


Most owners of residential investment properties understand the risk of “defined events” such as  fire, storm, water damage etc.

Too many however believe that this is where it ends, possibly not realising that there are many risks that these types of policies do not cover.

Even what some Insurer’s call a “Landlord Policy” may only cover part of your risk. No matter how good the tenants are that are placed in your property there are some circumstances that cannot be controlled such as illness, loss of jobs or marital disputes.

Available on the market are numerous policies specifically designed to reduce a landlords’ risk against events such as:

• Tenants who don’t pay their rent

• Tenants who break their lease or leave without proper notice

• Tenants who damage your property, Maliciously or Accidentally

• Legal Expenses incurred in minimising a rent loss

• Legal Liability if your tenant is injured or suffers another loss

Unfortunately you cannot assume that all insurance policies are the same. A company who specialises in this form of insurance is EBM, who have done so for over 25 years. Two policies in particular are likely to meet the needs of landlords, RentCoverUltra and RentCoverPlatinum.

Our advice about insurance is provided for your general information and does not take into account your individual needs.

You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording prior to making a decision, these can be obtained directly from EBM.

Article supplied by EBM.

Standard home and contents insurance will not protect against many of the risks that landlord’s face. Whether it be loss of rent due to an absconding tenant, malicious or accidental damage, or a whole range of other circumstances including tenant hardship, the RentCover range provides peace-of-mind to property owners like no other policy.  And has done for over 25 years.

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