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Investors have different needs when it comes to property management. DT Property Management are uniquely positioned to help with this as it was created by an investor seeking a better client experience and results.

Whether your investment property is a single home, townhouse or an apartment block, we have the knowledge and understanding to provide property management services that suits your needs.

And you can rest assured that we are focused entirely on your investment – you’ll never have to worry about our priorities being shared with a sales or auction department, as property management is all we do.

Servicing suburbs in Adelaide and the Gold Coast, we are dedicated to keeping high occupancy, low occurrence of arrears and optimal rental returns, all while keeping the process and our fee structure as simple and easy to understand as possible

Our team

 David Traeger
David Traeger
Director / Buyers Agent
Karen Mabon
Karen Mabon
Senior Property Manager (Gold Coast)
Vera Rankin
Vera Rankin
Senior Property Manager (Adelaide)

Why you should choose DT Property Management

Learn from us

Read our blogs for property management advice, achieving a better return and investment tips.

Helping investors in Adelaide and the Gold Coast

Whether you own a single home, townhouse or an apartment block, we have the expertise and knowledge of the surrounding area to ensure your investment is look after and is providing an optimal return.

Ready to talk?

Get in touch with the team to find out what we can do for you.

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