How to make your property more appealing

One way to get a tenant’s signature on the lease sooner and to get that rent money rolling in is to make your property attractive to people looking for their next home. Here’s a few simple things you can do to increase the appeal of your investment.

Professional photography

While it might be tempting to take a few snaps of your property on your phone, it is always better to hire a photographer who specialises in real estate photography. They will increase the desirability of your property by presenting it in its best light. The professional quality of the photos will give it the edge over other advertisements and encourage the user to click on the listing.  And if there are no major changes within the property, these photos can be used when you’re next advertising the property for lease.

To maximise the benefit of professional photography, it is best to make any necessary repairs and ensure it is clean and tidy for the photoshoot. There’s no use spending money on a photographer if your house is a mess.

Desirable amenities

Two things that can attract tenants to your property are an air conditioning system and a dishwasher. Australia has extremes in temperature and moving to a home without an air conditioner might be a deal breaker for lots of people, considering how hot it can get during the peak of summer.

A dishwasher is also becoming a must-have feature in a property for the modern renter, who sees the appliance as a time saver, which contributes to their quality of life. Having these two items in your property will drastically improve your rate of occupancy.

While both amenities are a significant investment, that can be offset by an increase in rent. Over the long life of both products, they should pay for themselves.

Freshen up the property

If the property is looking a little ragged, don’t underestimate how a fresh coat of paint and new carpets can breathe in life into it. It will not only improve its appeal to renters, but also increase the overall value of the property, which means you can also increase the rent.

If you’re going to go down this path, we suggest you for a neutral palette like whites, greys and creams as these are less likely to date.

Tidy up the garden

This is probably the easiest and most inexpensive item on our list, because it’s something you can do yourself. Doing something as simple as pulling weeds, pruning trees and planting inexpensive greenery from Bunnings can go a long way to making to improving the aesthetic look of your investment. However, if the outdoor area is looking a little barren, you might want to call in a gardener to give it a makeover.

Having a tidy garden isn’t going to be the difference between having someone rent your property or not, but it does give prospective tenants the impression that it is well looked after.