Does your property manager have an owners portal?

How many of you have access to owner portals? How many of you use them? They vary a lot in availability and appearance depending on which software your Property Manager is using. They can save both yourself and your property manager a lot of time, since all the information you need about your rental property is at your finger tips 24 hours a day any where in the world.

For privacy purposes, these screenshots are from a demo agency and feature a fictional property but it is the same as you’d have access to as a client at DT Property Management. These screenshots are all from the landlord’s (not property manager’s) perspective. So this is what you (as the owner or landlord) would see.

All clients of DT Property Management get free access to this automatically. The first step is you get a link in your email , which you click on.

It then shows you your portfolio of properties, in this case the fictional person only owns 1 property (more would show in a list if you owned more properties). You click on the property you want to look at:

Once you do that (I’ll post this in separate bits since it wouldn’t all fit in this post), you go into that property and you can see it’s address and it’s current balance. It also shows the money in and out for the month. It has tenant details, ie their name, amount, the date when they’re paid up to and that of their next renewal.

Scrolling down from there you can see the last 12 months financial performance of the property, jobs (which is the current status of any maintenance / repair work that has a current work flow status in the system) and all the recent inspections reports which you can open up as PDF (this particular property only has 1 in the system, but it’d show the whole history).

The last part shows the documents associated with the property. In this property’s case, that is just the monthly statements which you can open up by clicking on. This section would also show any documents the property manager has scanned, such as bills they’d paid on your behalf.

So what do you all think? Do you think you would benefit from being able to access information on your investment property so quickly and easily?

If you own investment properties in Adelaide and would prefer to use a property manager who utilises the latest technologies, please contact us.